To rekindle the dire flame of masculinity in Australia. For those men who wish to transcend their current selves and become what they were born to become. This is for the betterment of every man who pursues the path of Masculinity. Regain the balance in our lives and in our community.  

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The 3 Basic formulas of Tribe

Today when we here the word ‘tribe’ it often stirs up images of barbarians. Wild marauding bands of savages from a by-gone era of our ancestors.  However in this article the term ‘Tribe’ can refer to any group that has a shared goal or interest. A tribe can be any of the following; A football […]

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A Night out with a friend

Sorry for the hiatus, The Brisbane Crew have been exceptionally busy. This is article is about my last big night out with a friend of mine who we will call John and his girlfriend who we will call Sarah. Last Saturday the misses and I went to her friends Birthday party in the city. It was […]

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Nice Guys Get No Respect

It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book “nice guys finish last”. But why? What makes nice guys finish last? Typically the “nice guy” is the one women tend to reject, these are the pleasers, the ones that are too far into the oneitis mentality (you should know by now that “the one” does […]

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The winds of change

The world is an ever changing place. The speed of that change has accelerated rapidly over the past 10 years. We do not even know to what extent such changes have had or will have on us. Technologies and ideas are dropped on us and we have to work it out as we go along. […]

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Why we Ostracize

Social ostracism is something we have all faced at different times of our lives whether we are aware of it or not. It can vary widely from out and out rejection to a disapproving glare you get after saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. When we hear of ostracism (especially in the age […]

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The Noise of Facebook

Just a short article today folks and covering some pretty obvious stuff but it needs to be said. Facebook can sometimes be a good application. You can have a laugh, see what your mates have been up to, look at some funny memes or a short video. Then there is the noise of Facebook. This […]

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Reviving lost male Virtues

What we have It’s no argument that Australia is in the middle of a massive cultural change. The Conservative values from which our nation was born are in today’s society, being tossed aside like a bible in the local pub. Unrestrained liberalism is quickly taking root and we are experiencing a damaging change to our […]

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