You are not alone

In this modern connected day we feel alone. Many of us have friends but we are not part of a physical community. We feel isolated as the same narratives are echoed down at work and in the Media. The utter lack of rationality makes it seem like the lunatics are running the asylum. We switch off as the same words are repeated over and over again. The words equality, diversity, toxic masculinity,  privilege. These words are epithets that belong to the ideologies of today. These words mean no more to us than they did to Russians who were forced to say similar epithets under a Communist ideology.

To those who have been living under a rock and who have not noticed the current PC Orthodoxy’s of today. You may have noticed that there is a lack of Masculine pathways or examples of true masculinity around you. There are many books, blogs, TV shows that promote Fem-powerment but almost nothing to guide or promote men. If there is anything for men, more often than not it is twisted to support women anyway. Many TV shows and adverts depict men as complete buffoons or childish idiots. When you walk down the high street all you see is limpwristed Soy boys of men.

The current climate makes us feel isolated. You look out to your family and friends but feel unable to pin point whats missing. The feeling of being alone in a crazy world can lead some to despair.


Despite this bleak picture there are many men who feel as you do right now. Despite being on social media and being “connected” you only hear the same narratives. This is corrupting your perception of reality. There are MANY men who feel as you do, who share the same thoughts and ideas. President Nixon wasn’t on to nothing when he coined the words “The Great Silent Majority”. For the Brisbane Crew it wasn’t until we saw a hero of ours and just how many people that were there to see him that we really realized just how big this mans impact was.

The people and ideas you follow on YouTube or social media are being absorbed all over the world. They are being absorbed by those people whom you talk to everyday, by your next door neighbor even. The phenomenon of Jordan Peterson is just one such example of this. Peterson’s venue in Brisbane was completely booked out venue within 5 mins of the tickets going on sale. Who would’ve thought that this Canadian professor would sell out an Australian theater in under 5 minutes. There is a hunger and a thirst to discuss what is controversial, what is important and what is missing.

The take home message is this;

Today a man must look around himself and see others who are like him that are trying to swim in the same direction. Befriend these men, join together and be a man amongst men. Look for these men at work, at the gym, at Martial arts training, at events or anywhere you can find them in your life. When you are around men who are driven, masculine, authentic and on the same path as you it’s like sipping a cold beer on a hot day…….Damn refreshing.

So get out there and make it happen! Rekindle the masculine flame, and know that you are not alone Brother!



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