Hypergamy Doesn’t Care

Hypergamy is a sexual strategy used by women and is best described as the action of marrying a person of a superior social status or class than themselves.

“Hypergamy doesn’t care about how much her family or friends like you.”

Regardless of cultural backgrounds females engage in Hypergamy. This means women will choose a potential partner based on equal or higher social status in the dominance hierarchy. Male hierarchy is a system which pushes the best men to the top and is based on status, power, wealth as well as some level of attractiveness, to name a few. Females who are hypergamous look logically and rationally and are also hard wired from an evolutionary perspective to pick and choose the best suitors from the top, or at the level that their current sexual market value will allow them to, in order to fulfill their hypergamous needs so as to give their offspring the best chance of survival in life.

“Hypergamy doesn’t care that your mum said you’re a great guy and any woman would be lucky to have you.”

Hypergamy is biological and a result of women’s innate, hormonal and neural condition, which means it is an evolved social dynamic and a behavioral extension of biological factors. All women are hypergamous but some are more than others, a cultural environment can moderate it for them but essentially all woman are inspired by hypergamy.

“Hypergamy doesn’t care how ‘supportive’ you’ve always been of her decisions or if you identify as a ‘male feminist’.”

Women’s sexual desire can be affected by her ovulatory shifts. During time’s of a woman’s ovulation cycle her body imposes on her hypergamous criteria creating changes to her selective needs. This ovulatory shift affects decisions such as the choice of partner, the timing of sexual intercourse, and the timing of reproduction.

During the follicular phase (before ovulation) of a woman’s cycle, specifically days 7 to about 14 (profliferative phase), is the window that she will become more attuned to masculinized and Alpha traits. One way you can identify if a woman is in her proliferative phase is women’s vocal pitch shifts lower (sultry voice) during this phase.

The Luteral phase (after ovulation), days 14 to 28, is the phase in which women are more attracted to Beta traits and are drawn to more feminine features. Attributes such as attraction (not arousal) comfort, familiarity, empathy, etc. All traits meant to reinforce the perception that a man is a good choice for parental investment.

Rollo Tomassi illustrates “the girl who spontaneously banged the hot guy in the foam cannon party is the same girl who’ll tell you you need to earn her trust because she needs to be comfortable with you before you have sex.”

“Hypergamy doesn’t care how sweet, funny or intellectual you are.”

Hypergamy can be summed up as a females instinctual desire to ensure that the best male’s genes (for reproduction) are selected and secured with the best male provisioning she’s capable of attracting. When the opportunity arises for a mate of a higher status and who is a more capable provider for her own offspring (already born or not) she will latch onto the more capable provider regardless of investments and commitments made to a current mate.

“Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a Father you are to your kids.”

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