Perceptions Part 1

To those who don’t know, it only takes your brain a quarter of a second to size someone up. A quick flash in your visual cortex and a snap decision made in your prefrontal lobe.

This is incredibly useful fact to know. Those snap initial judgements will help or sink a business. Will dictate all your first impressions and subsequent interactions afterwards.

Our brains subconsciously makes a snap mathematical equation about someone. Our brains tell us what that persons cultural background is, what their tribal affiliations are, what their mental state is, what their emotional state is, the state of their current hygiene, their discipline and much more. Within a second our brain processes this information and gives us a result to work with. Could you imagine how hard life would be if we didn’t have these calculations running in our subconscious.

Speaking personally I have recently become incredibly aware of external perceptions and communication. What does the businesses and the employees say by their appearance? I booked my car to a local garage to get fixed the other day. I was in a rush and I booked a place close by for convenience. As I rocked up it struck me just how backwards this garage looked.

Image result for a messy car mechanics

Alright it wasn’t this bad, but the mechanics business signs were all faded. Inside the garage there was rubbish all over the place, some of the mechanics even had man buns! Had I saw the place before I booked my car in I would have went elsewhere. The garage actually did a good job on my car and I was reasonably billed. How much business are these guys loosing because of their outward perception? How much would it cost to repaint their signs and tidy up their work space.

As for service people themselves, after had I put my car in the garage I had a wonder around the local shopping center. One thing you’ll quickly notice about 70% of service industry workers in Australia is that they do not want to be there. What does it say about the business or the product. How much business have they repelled? Smiling all the time is unrealistic but looking like you want to throw yourself off the nearest high point is no good either.

Image result for black books bernard works at fast food

As I got a coffee the other day, my table was served by a very bubbly and enthusiastic blond women. She was an engaging waitress and she would make a good salesman. It was a pleasure (and a rarity). how much extra is this person pulling in on business for that local coffee shop? I’ll head back there as the coffee was good and the service was fantastic.

Why are you harping on about your life? How about you yourself start looking around. What do the people, the streets, the businesses and that person in the mirror say to you?

Do you look like the man you perceive yourself to be? or the man you wish to become? Do you look like someone you would respect? Do you look like a bum?

Related image

Are these men dressed in a way that communicates or conjures respect?  Do they look like strong heads of house holds? Do they look dependable? Do you think their wives feel the desire enough to fuck them?

How about Arnie? hes keeping it pretty simple here.

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger dressing like a boss

Does he look like a man that should be respected? What does he communicate here?

Being a father, an older gentleman or not being very wealthy is no excuse. It does not take much to look good.

Gentleman I hope this has been valuable. I will be drilling on about the importance of style and perception over the next couple of months. Do not underestimate its importance.

Founder X



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