Unfortunately there are no short cuts when it comes to weight loss (maybe except contracting Bali belly). At this point in time do you need to cut down a couple of kilos or maybe even 10 kilos of weight? The answer is probably yes, after all it’s an everyday struggle!

I’m not a nutritionist but I have been using these methods to cut down my weight since last November and it’s been effective. Depending on how fat you are (lets not sugar quote it) will depend on how long it takes to burn off that fat. You may have heard that loosing or gaining weight is 80% diet. Well it’s pretty much all diet. Loosing weight is a slow process but if you implement some of these tips then 3 months from today you will be better off for it. You have to shift your mind to long term strategy when it comes to your body.

1 – Cut out all sugary drinks and food 

This is all your sugary foods! Coca-cola, chocolate milk shakes, ice creams, donuts, pastries, all the sweetest of foods. When you drink coke or eat a deep fried mars bar, it spikes your blood sugar level causing an insulin surge. The sugar surge is too much for your body burn off as energy so all the sugar is turned straight into fat stores. If you keep this as part of your every day diet you are fighting a loosing battle. Save your favorite sugary foods for special occasions or once a week.

2.- Cut out breads and pasta

Very similar to sugary foods, breads and pasta contain massive amounts of energy in the form of carbohydrates. The reason for cutting this out of your diet is that if you eat these foods you are probably consuming way too many calories. Your body will break down carbohydrates into Glycogen which is your bodies primary fuel source. Once enough Glycogen has been stored in your liver and skeletal muscles the rest of the Glycogen is converted into fat cells for long term storage. Replace these carbs with vegetables. (tip, don’t just eat plain old boiled veggies! Use seasonings, use oils, fats, sprinkle with cheeses and try different cooking techniques).

3. – HIT

High Intensity Training is a great way to cut down on stored body fat. The training must wear out your bodies immediate Glycogen stores in order for your body to start using your stored fat reserves. There is no need for the training to last more than 20 mins per session. You want to make your workouts short and explosive. Great ideas for this are running sprints, wrestling/Jujitsu, boxing, tobata and weight circuits. It’s more effective if you combine different workouts like 5 minutes of sprints after a 15 min weight circuit. You want to conduct these 20 minute workouts at least 3 times a week. (tip: If you haven’t been working out for years but you would like to start training again, slowly ease yourself back into training. Do not start with 100% intensity in your first week of training. Start off light/moderately and increase your intensity slightly with each week).

4. Intermittent fasting

This will take some effort if your use to eating at every meal time. Like every other tip it’s purpose is to wear down your bodies Glycogen stores in order for your body to burn off that excess fat your carrying. Start off small, cut out snacks between meal times first or skip breakfast once a week on days your resting. Slowly over time your stomach will begin to shrink and your body will adapt to the change. After that happens you will be able to push the boundaries and before you know it you’ll be able to fast an entire day. Small steps over time!

side notes:

  • No carb diet, This can be effective for shifting weight immediately. If your carbs make up a substantial part of your diet then this will be rough diet at the start. First thing your body will do is drop 1 kg of water. It will get your body in a state of ketosis which will really cut down your body weight but over time this diet is hard to sustain.
  • Modaphinil – This is a fantastic Nootropic. If you have a hell of alot of work for the day or just a long day ahead then Modaphinil is a great boost for your mind. It also causes hunger suppression which can help if your constantly dreaming of donuts.

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