If you’re on the path to manhood then these 10 books are essential to read! Throw every other book aside and start this list ASAP. Your life will be unbelievably richer for it!

1 – The Rational Male

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The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi is the most important book on this list. All men interact with women, it is essential that you understand them. You need to learn about shit tests, hypergamy, why women select higher value men and much much more. This book will challenge everything you have been taught throughout your life. After you’ve swallowed this Red Pill and excepted it, your life will become far more positive.

2 – The Way of Men 

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The Way of Men by Jack Donovan is a great insight into our hard wiring as men. The book lays out the foundational 4 tactical virtues of masculinity and the way of the tribe. The book describes the difference between being a good man and being good at being a man. It is an all-round very interesting read if you want to understand yourself.

3 – The 48 Laws of Power

Summary: The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene | Key Ideas in 1 Hour or Less by [Publishing, Millionaire Mindset]

The 48 Laws o power by Robert Greene. This is a book is pure machiavellianism. Contained in this book are 48 rules that will help you with social interactions, help you with work, any project your working on and many other different applications in your life. It’s a great way of developing your dark triad traits.

4 – Preventive Medicine 

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Preventive Medicine by Rollo Tomassi is building on the Rational Male. This book has a more in-depth explanation of the female sexual selection strategy based off different stages of their ovulation and different stages of their lives. The book takes a further look into the ‘Blue Pill’ conditioning most men in the west are subjected to. Don’t underestimate just how important these books are! Many men will say “oh everything going well with my Wife/misses, why do I need to read this book?” It’s a different story when she leaves you and you wonder WTF happened.

5 – The Appearance of Power: How masculinity is expressed through aesthetics

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The Appearance of Power by Tanner Guzy is an important read because most men do not realize just how important their external perception is to other people. People will treat you differently according to your appearance. You need to understand the difference between appeal vs power and what you communicate wearing different clothes. The book contains a lot of  simple theory you should know when it comes to selecting your outfit.

6 – The Antidote – Healing America from Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victomhood. 

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The Antidote by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is a bright light if you’re tired of the same leftist tripe echoed incessantly by the Media. It takes an axe to the constant victomhood narrative played over and over again. The author takes you through his own journey and exposes those who have made a living out of peddling shallow narratives. Although it’s about the black community in America, it is equally relevant to every country, community and individual. The book offers solutions for taking accountability of the situation and stops you pointing the finger at others for your own failures.

7 –  The Barefoot investor

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The bare foot investor by  Scott Pape. You could be working at McDonalds, be a broke hustler or earning $120,000 a year it doesn’t matter, you need to know how to manage your money! This isn’t a get rich quick book, it is a few simple ways of getting on top of your debts, accounts and cash flow.  Every man needs to be able to manage and deal with his money no matter how bold his financial adventures.

8 – Think and go hustle 

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Think and go hustle by Dylan Madden is a great little book for getting into a goal oriented mind set. This book doesn’t just apply to your side hustles, it applies to every day life. The book is only 60 pages and it’s great for the “getting after” mentality. Every few pages contains a small gold nugget.

9 – The Gulag Archipelago

One of the most important books of the 20th century. This book helped bring down the soviet Union. Don’t be put off by the size of the book. It has so many incredible personal accounts and stories. The author takes you through the horrors of the Soviet Gulags, the mass arrests, the utter horror of the communist ideology. The Gulag Archipelago is a very humbling book in that it makes you appreciate what you have and warns you of the catastrophes of ideological beliefs.

10 – No More Mr Nice Guy 

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No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr. Robert A. Glover was for many of the us the starting point of our long journey of masculinity. It is a great book with plans to overcome your years of  conditioning. The book is about getting what you want from life without backing down.

Take these reading suggestions on board.

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Some other notable mentions

  • The Rational male: Positive Masculinity – Rollo Tomassi
  • 12 Rules for life – Jordan Peterson
  • Anything written by Frederick Nietzsche  (If you have the capacity for it)

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