Male Dominance Hierarchy

I wanted to touch more on the Male Dominance Hierarchy and go into what it is and even how to navigate through it by better understanding traits that allow men to climb the social ladder. My intent here is so you won’t be left down the bottom of the pecking order being the same average frustrated chump wondering why you can’t get the things that you want, or deserve.

The dominance hierarchy is an established social construct which occurs in most social animal species that normally live in groups, including primates. It can be described as a sort of pecking order, a construct that allows one to judge whom they can dominate and who dominates them, men can very easily identify the dominance status of another man. Think of your hard ass boss at work, he may not be as alpha a person per say, but his position/rank at work gives him a certain level of dominance over others. This pecking order is a function to maintain social stability and has been since the days of the caveman.

The person who you view at the top of the Male Dominance Hierarchy is no doubt someone who everyone sees as the natural born leader. Someone who has the ability to adapt to any social environment effortlessly and able to bring everyone together for a common cause, either to fulfill the mission or to achieve a goal. The Alpha.

The term Alpha is used to describe someone who is confident, dominant knows what they want and takes it, think of an Alpha as the leader of the wolf pack. Beta, the opposite of Alpha, is the nice guy pushover who is too afraid to take chances.

Alpha Traits

  • Take what you want attitude- Approach and request things that other people would be too reluctant to ask for. Don’t think of it as coming across as a jerk but with the belief that you are entitled.
  • Social- These are the guys who are seen as the life of the party, who stand out in a social setting.
  • Take chances- Taking risks, big or small and showing that you are not afraid to fail because you know that success comes from taking risks.
  • Masculine- Be a man. Be the dominant leader or the strong personality. Be comfortable around the opposite sex.
  • Confident- Usually seen as arrogant, cocky or think highly of themselves but they always believe in their own ability and themselves no matter what.
  • Not easily embarrassed- They do not concern themselves with the opinions of others or looking bad in front of people. If they did they would never speak up, do what they want or go against social norms.
  • Direct- Speak their mind, aren’t afraid to ask or tell it how it is. They don’t hide behind something when speaking. Others want to hear what they have to say.

Beta Traits

  • White Knight- The nice guys that get along with everyone and don’t like to cause conflict. The one who provides that shoulder to cry on.
  • Questions their own abilities- Lacking the confidence that sets them apart from Alphas. Not having the ability to stand by a decision they made, second guessing themselves. Not realizing their own potential and making excuses for not doing something.
  • Puts others first ahead of themselves- Not always a bad thing, but they will often do this to the extent of not actually taking care of themselves. Giving and unselfish.
  • Secretive- Usually having a secret alternative agenda for doing something, looking for some sort of reward. Keeping things to themselves so not to be judged by others or ridiculed for their aspirations or even a lack of self confidence.
  • Worries about what others might think- Placing a restriction on themselves because they care too much about what other people think. This limits the choices and risks he takes in life.

These are only a few of the traits that Alpha and Beta men posses. But knowing these few simple ones can help you to understand how you see yourself and how others may see you. Adapting more Alpha traits and squashing your pre-existing Beta ones can help you to change your over all social status and climb the Male Dominance Hierarchy.

So my fellow men I say this. “Step forward and take your place in the dominance hierarchy, occupy your territory. To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to accept the terrible responsibility of life with eyes wide open”

Be Bold. Take Action. Be Alpha.

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