We live in a time like no other before in history. Our lives have been drastically altered by technology, prosperity, comfort, medicine, peace and it begs us many questions. How do we comport ourselves in this new world. What path should we follow, what values should we uphold and what behaviors do we *discriminate against.

Despite all the information available some things in life never change. In life we must all face our deaths, we must all experience loss at some point, men will always be judged on their performance. Many people believe that we are completely socially programmed in that you can teach a women to become a man and teach a man to become a women. Yes there is social programming but you cannot ignore the biological facts. Men and women have different ranges of hormones, we have different sexual strategies, we communicate in different ways, our brains are wired differently, there are a multitude of differences that complement each other but do not imitate each other. The problem with our egalitarian view today is that it blinds us to the incredibly complex nuisances between men and women.  We have hundreds of millions of years of evolution behind us, the idea that you can change our species within a decade is insanity!

Life has many rules to it whether we like it or not. Masculinity has always been about function. What is functional measured against survival and competition. Some men may hate the idea of masculinity due to their lack of its mastery. They discriminate against it and mock it as of their defense mechanism. My words of advice to these men are:

You’re not going to be Clint Eastwood tomorrow, but if you take the right steps in life now then in a few months you’ll be a hell of a lot more than you are right now. The smallest seeds can become the mightiest of oaks. Go out and address something you have been putting off for weeks, take on challenges, take on the harder options instead of the easier ones, discipline your diet and your fitness habits. Get together with like minded men to discuss masculinity and what you can do to pursue it.

When it comes to discrimination, you want to discriminate against behaviors that are detrimental to your life and to your goals. If you can’t find any time to be productive but you game for 2 hours every day, you need to cut away gaming ASAP. If your pursuing masculinity you need to avoid hanging around with effeminate men. Cut away those things hinder your progress, or at least have a very disciplined balance.

Masculinity has not changed, it will always be about strength (mentally and physically), courage, competency and honor. Every step you take will gain you a little more insight, you will become wiser and the lessons you learn will become integrated into your character over time.

Founder X

* Discrimination is one of the dirty words in a value system of the new age. We discriminate all the time in our every day lives form our personnel relationships to what drink we will have with lunch.

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