The good thing about boxing, is that you do not have to start professionally competing in the sport to gain the advantages of it’s training.

Why you should start going

Mindset – You will learn that you can push yourself far more than you thought you could mentally and physically. There is nothing like pushing yourself when you feel exhausted to improve your mental tenacity. You have to stay focused while sparring even after a hell of a lot of energy expenditure. As your boxing skills improve you will gain more confidence in the way you carry yourself as a man.

Learning how to fight – Every man needs to learn the basics of how to fight. Boxing will provide the fundamentals of how to punch, how to block, how to take a punch and what your body positioning should be in a fight. Boxing will demonstrate that you are not as fragile as you might have thought. Many men are delusional in that they think they can fight despite never having been in a fight or have engaged in any training. Knowing how to engage in violence is a useful tool for a man to have. It doesn’t mean you go out to engage in bar fights but it will mean you will not feel helpless if you find your self in a bad situation.

Fitness – The training is a fantastic way of improving your cardio endurance. Skipping and bag work are great methods of high intensity training. This is also a good way of cutting down your body weight if you want.

Hobby – If you don’t have a hobby currently or you have just moved to a new area, going down to your local boxing gym is a great way to start networking (many people who you will met there will generally be self motivated people). Due to all the added benefits already out lined in this article, boxing is a big step up from video games if that is your only hobby.

If you are a father, you can do far worse than taking your child to boxing. Developing his mindset, his fitness and giving him a healthy hobby to work on will pay dividends throughout the rest of your childs life.

Get your ass down the local boxing gym! Training in Jujitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling are acceptable alternatives.

Till next time


  1. I began kickboxing in November and it was tough to get motivated to go after being so sore but I love this post! You’re very motivational and how you portray boxing is everything I believe is the same in kickboxing! Great post!


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