Maintain high levels of Testosterone!

Are you lacking the motivation to game chicks?

Do performing heavy lifts feel like a chore?

Has it been a while since you felt the predatory roar inside you when you smash through your PB’s, or felt the soft warmth of your latest conquest in amongst your bedsheets?

These may be signs that your natural testosterone levels might be edging lower.

While for most, the need for violent brutality in order to survive or the necessity to spread your seed amongst the most fertile of women to ensure the succession of your gene pool are way behind us. Mainly ameliorated by progressive societies and their quest to reduce violence and improve equality. But there still is a need for men to maintain some resemblance to men of old, in terms of behaviour, mentality and physiology.

Currently, it is being confirmed via scientific studies that there is a generational decline in testosterone in men.The following is an excerpt from a Finnish study on testosterone levels “The more recently born Finnish men have lower testosterone levels than their earlier born peers. This study offers no explanation for this substantial recent adverse development.“(Perheentupa et al. 2013).

This is not just localised to males from Finland, it’s a phenomenon happening all over the world.

Whether it is an evolutionary phenomenon, as we no longer call upon actions that require higher levels of testosterone to perform specific tasks(violent combat) or achieve mental states that enhance survivability. Or a deeper cultural conditioning that shuns activities requiring testosterone, that we mentally suppress our own testosterone production. It is unknown why men all over the world are experiencing generational testosterone level declines.

BUT! There are ways to mitigate or reduce the effects of this phenomenon. Steps and actions you can do right now to boost and maintain higher levels of testosterone than you currently have right now.

Below is a two-prong approach for naturally boosting testosterone levels through the elimination of testo sapping activities and habits and the increasing of activities and habits that promote and support higher test levels.

Phase One – Reduce testosterone sapping activities/habits

In order of effectiveness (in my opinion)

Lack of sleep

When you aren’t getting enough of the dreamtime shuteye, you are priming your body to produce high amounts of the hormone ‘cortisol’. Cortisol is bad because the presence of it can block testosterone production.

So don’t make it unnecessary harder on your test levels, get enough sleep each night. You will feel better for it and reap the benefits in the form of more test flowing through your veins.

Endurance cardio

There are many benefits to high endurance cardio, from a robust cardiovascular system to the fat burning qualities of prolonged cardio activities. But a major side-effect is that it lifts levels of cortisol. Once again this cortisol will block your natural test production.

If you want to achieve the same effects as high endurance cardio, have a look at alternatives like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You can also perform sprints and focus on your speed and power, or just flat out cut it out of fitness program.

Poor diet

Firstly, fats are an essential part of your diet. Fats serve as a source of energy for your body as well as a medium to transport essential fat-soluble vitamins. Essential fatty acids serve as a precursor to hormone production, including testosterone.

But not all fats are created equal!

There are some fats that are literally damaging to your male reproductive health and hindering optimum testosterone production.

These are your Hydrogenated Fats or your trans-fats. Mainly the deep fryer oils used in commercial setups. In fact nearly any oil used in commercial fast-food has some form of trans fat in it.

Best to avoid all forms of fast-food or processed food from shopping centres.

Mental State

If you act depressed, you will become depressed.
There have been numerous studies to confirm the effect of our physiology(posture) and psychology(mental state) affecting our biology(hormone production)! The long and the short of it is if you are not adopting body language or mindsets that are synonymous with testosterone-fueled behaviour you are potentially jeopardizing your testosterone production!

What can you do? Develop some self-awareness and then act on it!

If you feel you are mentally down, or not as enthusiastic, SNAP OUT OF IT! This mindset will force your biology to follow suit, and you do not want that if your aim is high testosterone.

Phase Two – Activities and habits to increase testosterone

In order of effectiveness (once again, my opinion)

Get enough sleep

The benefits of sleep cannot be reiterated enough! Sleep is absolutely vital to the maintenance of your overall wellbeing. It is during sleep when your body recovers and replenishes vital energy stores and restores imbalances caused by depletion during the days’ activities.

As lack of sleep promotes the rise of cortisol, which inhibits testosterone production, you should aim to get as much sleep as necessary to feel replenished. The aim of the sleep is to get enough to prevent the rise of cortisol, life is stressful as is why make this harder.

Getting enough sleep is the best support you can give yourself to promote the production of testosterone.

Supplement with Zinc tablets

Next cab off the rank, zinc supplementation. It has long been supported that zinc is essential for the regulation of testosterone production. Low levels of zinc in males have been linked to low levels of testosterone, similarly, high levels of zinc have been linked to high testosterone.

Not having adequate zinc in your body puts you at risk of sub-optimal testosterone production. This can lead to a cascade of hormonal imbalance including the promotion of estrogen production of testosterone. This is not an ideal situation and is opposite of what we desire.

The best way to approach this is to begin supplementing with a high-quality zinc supplement from a health food or online supplement store. I prefer to use Bioglan’s Zinc Magnesium Performance tablets.

Perform heavy lifts and short sprints

It is no surprise that lifting weights leads to increase in muscle mass. But a major factor that supports the growth of muscle is the presence of testosterone in the body. In order to see consistent gains and permanent muscle development, you need a sustained level of testosterone in the body.

Our bodies react and adapt to external stimulus applied to it, that is continual pressure from lifting and power exercises like sprinting will elicit a physiological adaptation in the form of increased testosterone production to support the increased muscle growth which supports making the performance of the external stimuli easier.

In short to boost natural testosterone production, lift big and sprint fast!

Play a competitive sport or a combat sport

Nothing brings back those primal behaviours like competitive male sports or combat. Increases in testosterone have been observed in athletes who participate in male sports. It has also been observed that combat athletes have high levels of testosterone during combat. This comes down to the fact that behaviours of competitiveness and aggression are complementary and both require testosterone in order to properly elicit these psychological behaviours.

What should you do now? If you don’t already belong to a physically intense competitive sport like rugby or AFL, or practice any of the combat arts. Go online right now! Google sports, MMA, BJJ, boxing and your suburb. Once there make a phone call, enquire and sign up. If you were serious about male reproductive health and your test levels you will do this.

Diet for testosterone

As there are foods that can jeopardize your natural testosterone levels, there are also foods that promote testosterone. You would do well for your testosterone levels to add or increase these foods in your diet.

Oysters – Arguably the best natural source of zinc. This sea superfood has long been associated with male fertility and sexual health throughout history. You may know that oysters are also an aphrodisiac, which further supports the facts that it is a test boosting essential food.

Oysters contain the highest levels of nutritional zinc available of any food. Not to mention all the other nutritional benefits being a source of protein and essential fatty acids (which also promote testosterone production).

Red Meat – It’s known that populations who have diets containing a high proportion of red meat also have higher levels of testosterone compared to populations of people who do not consume the same amount of red meat. The saturated fats and other vitamins and minerals in red meat positively support the production of testosterone.

Mental State

Last one and a personal favourite, a positive highly masculine attitude and mindset. Although the correlation between mental states and testosterone are not clearly linked, there is evidence that ‘fake it till you make it’ has some legitimacy to it.

I watched this TED talk by Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, in her presentation she talks about how adopting certain physical poses that are associated with dominance and high confidence can, in fact, shape your physiology. People in positions of power or high status have been known to possess higher levels testosterone and lower levels of cortisol. People like Donald Trump, Tiger Woods and other high profile athletes and masculine movie stars possess extremely high levels of confidence and bravado that could be the result of higher levels of test and low levels of cortisol.

Amy suggests that if you adopt physical poses like them, the mimic can produce a real effect on your physiology and actually begin boosting levels of testosterone. Although the findings are not concrete, it is fun to try.

So there you have it, a two-prong approach to getting high levels of testosterone flowing through your body… naturally!

I actively try to limit the amount of junk food I ingest daily, and aim to get enough sleep per night. Also never forget to take my zinc tablets each day and honestly, I am definitely reaping the benefits. The confidence at work is noticable by peers, I feel the drive and animalistic highs when lifting in the gym and outperforming people, its simply amazing!

Get on it!


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