Reviving lost male Virtues


What we have

It’s no argument that Australia is in the middle of a massive cultural change. The Conservative values from which our nation was born are in today’s society, being tossed aside like a bible in the local pub. Unrestrained liberalism is quickly taking root and we are experiencing a damaging change to our unique Australian culture, a change that’s faster than our society can contend with.

There is something to be said of a society that can rapidly issue changes to law and national identification cards such as the Queensland Licence because radical leftists are offended by having a gender assigned to them (Video of News Report). Yet we deliberate for months and years on issues of healthcare and education before taking action, the things that are at the very core, part of our continued survival.

Australia’s social problems are partly being blamed on the ideals of masculinity. Notably domestic violence and pay inequality. Men are also implicated as the cause of gender inequality in Australia, and this is quickly leading to a massive nationwide devaluing of masculine virtues and labelling them as ‘Toxic Masculinity’.

If this labelling doesn’t stop, if nobody pulls back on the leash, Australian men are headed towards dark times.

What there was

Australian men can reminisce on the old days, or if you’re relatively younger where no doubt hear stories from your father or grandfather. Men were tough and had a sense of honor, and women, elegantly feminine and supportive of the family unit. Men were occupying the traditional masculine industries of hard yet skilled labour (carpenters, builders and mining) and performing dutifully. Women were dominating the healthcare roles as nurses and doctors.

There also was a balance between the sexes. Male-female relationships were complimentary. Each contributing to each other’s life experience in a necessary complimentary way. Men sought to the tedious logical tasks such as fixing the car, while the women took care of the social-oriented tasks like nursing and cooking for the family.

Life was simple, life was harmonious, life was how it should’ve been.

What we will learn again

The following virtues, outline a way of being that men should live by. Australian men have traditionally embodied these, but in recent times we are straying from the path.

The virtues are useful to men because of their practicality, but also provide a philosophical way of being that can be applied to everyday life.

And before we go down this road, both men and women and whatever other gender types, dare I say anyone and everyone can embody these virtues. But they were traditionally standards which defined and measured men and masculinity.

To those that say ‘masculinity is toxic’ look at these virtues carefully, the history of their being and what they mean today. After reading about it, ask yourself ‘Is masculinity toxic?’

Without further adieu, the virtues! Strength, Courage, Honor.


Strength in the physical sense has tremendous practical value, that no woman, feminist or LGBTI can argue with. It probably is the most valued of all the masculine virtues because of its immense practical usefulness.

If physical strength should be limited and striving to attain it, shunned by anti-masculine society, for fear of it being used for violence, consider this;

  • It requires physical strength to build a home, regardless of how basic a home it is, it requires some physical strength.
  • If you are stronger, you can carry heavier, sturdier materials to build your home.
  • If you are stronger you can wield tools more effectively and further fortify your home.
  • A strong and sturdy home offers the best protection against the elements.
  • A strong and sturdy home offers better security to a family than a feebly made home.

Therefore Is it not important to have a strong and sturdy home to provide protection from the elements, security from intruders, and to provide an environment of safety to raise a family?

Once again the practical value of strength cannot be stated enough. Not to mention all the other physical arenas where strength is required.

Now for the metaphysical value of strength. There is the strength of mind, strength of will, strength in opinion and strength of character. The word strength is used to characterise many facets of being, whether you are male or female or anything else for that matter.

Strength in the metaphysical can be summed up to mean one’s ability to exercise their will over themselves, other people and nature itself.

It may be easier to understand its value by contrasting it with its opposite.

A weak mind cannot make decisions for itself, decisions are made for it by forces that are stronger than its own. Is this any way to live? To live by the terms that nature and others dictate for you! Acceptance of this is pure laziness and of being weak minded.

A person with the weak will, has no motivation to do any activity, whether it is beneficial for them, whether it provides an opportunity to learn, or to better their position. They lack the ability to exert any will on anything in order to achieve whatever.

Weak opinions are useless, what is the point of saying something about anything if you don’t truly believe it or it is not strong? It is meaningless jabber in the end.

Weak character, this is synonymous many negative personality traits that are not desired by anyone, or only by stronger people who can manipulate them. Amongst them, selfishness, dishonesty, close-minded, inconsiderate, jealous, vengeful, stupid and probably the worst if you are a man, incompetent.

For men we carry the burden of performance, it is our duty to uphold the metaphysical qualities of strength, even when society says we should not. Accepting societies downplay of strength is of itself, weakness.

We will explore strength more in depth in future articles.


In the face of risk, whether it be physical danger or risk of physical and mental pain. To perform the task anyway. This is the definition of courage. It is another trait that is valuable to humankind but has particular value to men. As men, we carry the burden of performance.

Regardless of the view anti-masculine activists have. The weak need to be defended by the strong. Even they hide and utilise the strength and courage of the system to try to beat down on the supposed ‘masculine oppression’.

A man’s, wife and children in the face of danger need protection. This protection will explicitly the responsibility of the man, it is expected of you. Your ability to do anything about it requires courage. Courage will motivate you to action.

Courage is the will to risk doing harm and being harmed, for benefit of themselves or others.

This is a very complex trait and needs to be fleshed out further but understanding what its basics and its relevance to men, that is all that’s required at this stage.


Another complex and trivial trait, honor takes on may forms that is very hard to summarise in its entirety in sub section of an article. But all its forms and its entirety can be summed up in this one simple phrase for men.

“Honor is an acknowledgement of power and influence over other men”

That is men referring to all mankind, not just specifically men, but it can and does refer to men specifically as well.

Honor is valued because it is connected to mens primal need to show everyone their value to peers, family and society. To show that he is useful to everyone and not a burden.

Mens honor is primarily concerned with the reputation of one’s strength, courage and ability. Also it is usually only relevant to the group which operates in that system, the honor group, therefore amongst men. There are other honor systems that co-exist that have broad inclusions of other categories within society, but for men the reputation regarding the virtues is most important.

To honor a man, is to acknowledge his achievements and recognise he is of higher status within the group.

The whole system of honor is in jeopardy of disappearing as we move towards trying to obtain complete equality. If everything is of equal value, then nothing has value. If no courageous act is greater than any other, then no act is courageous at all. If no feat of strength or acknowledgement of strength is regarded, then the quality of strength becomes meaningless.

The same principle exists for the male honor system.

Societies have existed for thousands of years successfully (Japanese Samurai, Romans, Spartans, The British Empire) with the acknowledgement of the masculine virtues. Societies base ritual around the enhancing of them as well. Stories are written, sung and played, centred around themes of Strength, Courage and Honor.

As we try to move towards equality, we disregard these virtues and we lose our masculinity, we lose the good things, the necessary things that form the base of our society.

So practice every day to enhance your masculine virtues!

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