Grooming tips for Masculine Men

If you want to be treated like man, you have to look like a man. Dress like man, groom like a man and overall present yourself as a man. If you don’t, you will not be afforded any respect of a man.

Here we’ll discuss grooming tips that will help physical presentation of your masculine self to the world.


Talking to people one on one, up close and personal opens yourself to judgement on things about you, your style and presentation of things like your hair, facial hair, the condition of your skin etc. So don’t get caught out and apply these simple tips.

Pick a hairstyle and maintain it consistently

  • This means you need to get a haircut as often as necessary to maintain your hairstyle.
  • You should comb your hair as often as you need to, to keep it in style.
  • Never present your hair or yourself as if you have just got out of bed.
  • Use gel, wax, Bryll or even water to help maintain its form and shape during the day.

Literally, thousands of hairstyles exist for men, and for the original scope of this article, there simply is not enough room to discuss it.


Facial Hair

Facial hair for men is like makeup is to women. It only looks good if its maintained. Men can wear facial hair in various styles. Each style evokes assumptions of the man himself, but none more important than the maintenance of their style.

Clean Shaven

If you wish to or have to have a clean shaven appearance. Because of work or you want to present a youthful image. Follow these steps for maintenance.

  • Always use a sharp razor blade.
  • Warm towel your face and neck before applying shaving cream.
  • Apply a decent coat of shaving cream to all areas you are going to shave.
  • Warm your razor blade under hot water before the shave.
  • Get all areas, especially around the mouth and nose area.
  • Even off your sideburns.
  • Towel off, and splash yourself with cold water, this will close the pores.
  • Apply an aftershave lotion to prevent your facial skin drying out.

Short Stubble

The five o’clock shadow used to be the sign of an unorganised man who lacks the care to maintain his appearance. Which is disastrous if you want to be taken seriously as man. But its quickly becoming or is now in style, but only when it is combined with a confident attitude, smart clothing and other areas being well groomed. Here are some simple maintenance tips.

  • When shaving around your five o’clock shadow, shave nice sharp straight lines. This assists in giving off the appearance of a chiselled face.
  • Keep hair away from eyes and off high on the cheekbones.
  • Shave under your neck area as well.
  • Five o’clock shadows tiptoe the line of slovenly and stylish. Keep on top of it using the above tips.


Short beard

So you decided you want to grow a beard, something that is easy to maintain and not as troublesome as a long beard. Here are some tips on shaping and maintaining.

  • Grow it out past 2 cm in length.
  • Shampoo & condition your beard.
  • Dry then comb it all downwards.
  • Using the principles from clean shaving and five o’clock shadow, clean up the neck area and shave some clean lines perpendicular to your jawline.
  • Now the final coup-de-grace, make it all even length by running a trimmer through it with a comb.

Short beards can just be a particular interest of the man to have one and or it can be signalling some deeper intent, a coming of age, a maturation of character. Whatever the reason though, keep on top of it.

Long Beard

So you want to be regarded as the Sage? The man who has attained complete wisdom? Or do you just want to strike fear in people with the look of the bikie. Whichever the cause, the long beard is the style for you.

You have blown well past the trials and tribulations of a short beard and you have up’ed your beard game. Here are some tips for maintenance.

  • Wash your beard, regularly. To free up the dead skin cells and gunk that gets trapped within its grasp.
  • Apply beard oil. This will help in taming its shape and give it a full groomed appearance.
  • Comb it through, daily!

Wash your face

  • Every day you should wash your face.
  • Every 3 days you should exfoliate it.
  • Moisturise it daily as well.

Some will argue that this is anti-masculine, I say to them, is maintaining the health of your body anti-masculine? Why is your face different.

Trim your nails

Aside from the obvious health reasons for this. The image it gives to people when they spot your hands with untrimmed, unclean nails says a lot to them about how seriously you take yourself.

The consistency in the good presentation of your grooming standards speaks volumes about your character. It speaks to your trust and reliability.

So pick a hairstyle, maintain. Pick a facial hair style, maintain. Your face and nails, maintain.

Apply these tips today!

Till next time.

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