The Noise of Facebook

Just a short article today folks and covering some pretty obvious stuff but it needs to be said.

Facebook can sometimes be a good application. You can have a laugh, see what your mates have been up to, look at some funny memes or a short video. Then there is the noise of Facebook. This is all the adds, the outrage articles that friends share, the comment wars that go on and the time you waste just going through your Facebook news feed for an hour constantly scrolling down for no reason.

I recently deleted my Facebook and twitter apps on my phone. I now check Facebook every few days as opposed to every few hours. Every thing in life has a balance. The noise of social media just becomes too much sometimes. All Facebook should be in my humble opinion is for following people you find interesting, videos of stupid animals, funny memes and seeing what your family and close friends are up to.

Apart from simply spending too much time on Facebook, many posts on Facebook are  like cups of piss being winged at you through your phone screen. Do you find yourself getting angry or wound up at outrage posts?


On my news feed the worst culprits by far for posting or sharing outrage articles are middle aged women. These are the mum’s, the aunties and the family friends. If their not constantly posting about some injustice then they are smashing you with posts like “Just sending you some good energy today” or sending these pics:


The second worst culprits are those few random friends who use the comment section like backyard brawls. They will go onto some fringe groups page they completely disagree with and just spark a “fuck you” back and forth with middle aged women until they are banned from the page.


No matter the efforts to cut out the BS, the most egregious posts and articles tend populate all over my Facebook news feed. This was the last one;

Facebook comments

These two guys are either Fucking Morons, trolls or someone else’s friends looking for a brawl. Their comments to me are like water off a ducks back, it is just noise to me. For a while I was becoming like my Grandad. Back in my childhood days in Scotland, my Grandad would sit there reading the news paper. He would get so worked up reading about what the then Labour government were doing to the UK (to be fair the Labour party had destroyed the UK pension system).  Every day he would read the news paper and every day he would get pissed off. For a while I was doing the same thing with Facebook, why?

I had an epiphany walking around a local shopping center. I thought to myself “I wouldn’t ask 95% of the people in here for their opinion on anything”. This epiphany equates to Facebook pretty well. Facebook is the local shopping center, would you walk up to the mentally unbalanced lady at the mall and have a big argument over another countries gun controls? Maybe you would if you are that way inclined, using Facebook like a dystopian wasteland.

With Facebook posts in general, next time you post something (and on any other Social Media platform) think about the reason you are posting it. What will be the benefit to you for posting this? Who knows maybe after your 100th irrelevant Instagram post, there will be a coronation and you will finally be acknowledged as being better than your peers.

So treat Facebook with some discretion. Monitor how much time your spending on it, is it too much? Are you engaging in pitch battles in the comment sections? Cut the noise from your life, you will be better off for it.

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