Development And Growth: Part 1 – Physical and Mental

Earlier on in the year, we covered off on the subject of development and growth in a few articles. The articles were quite philosophical and didn’t really drill down into this specific subtopics of development and growth.

Today this article is just going to highlight some key areas within the realm of development and growth and dive into those subjects a little bit more.


You as a man, a single physical entity, a single being. Are made up of four broad arenas in life, from the physical to the metaphysical. And each individual being devotes different specific percentages of priority to these arenas in life. And you as a person, a single physical entity, a single being, are the result of your pursuits in these broad arenas.

It’s important to realise that development in each of these individual arenas has and does affect the others in your being. Positively and negatively.

We’re are going to break this down into two separate articles, Part 1 and Part 2. This one will cover the Physical and Mental realm of development and Part 2 will cover Mindset and Relationships.


The physical arena encompasses anything that is material. It can be segmented further into material assets, work and physical health & body.

It’s probably best we start with the most important aspect of ‘Physical’, that being your health and body. It’s important because it is the medium by which you exact your willpower to do the physical things in this world.

You need to;

  • nurture it,
  • feed it,
  • grow it,
  • challenge it!

Lift the weights, do the cardio, fuel it with the proper nutrition. Rinse and repeat forever! This area, there is no excuse to neglect development here, you only get one body, look after it. Physical training every day, good food choices every day.

The second area within the physical realm of development. Your work, profession, craft or hobby. The skills which you hone and master, and that bring you money or income. Not a lot of people take this part seriously, they tend to ‘fall’ into jobs and professions, and half-heartedly gain skills.

You want to take control here, and start pursuing trade mastery! Aim to be the top in your professional field, not in terms of status but in skill. If you like what you do, keep seeking the opportunities to enhance, upskill and develop your craft. If you don’t? Change immediately, learn what your interests truly are and begin mastering the practical skills in that field.

Lastly, the material assets. Things that you possess, that satisfy your basic needs for shelter to delighting you with their entertainment value. Each individual places differing levels of importance on material things. Some people are content with a simple small home, while others require larger, more majestic homes to be amused.

My philosophy for ownership of assets, or access to tools or items that you need on a day to day basis. Own only the things that you need that help contribute to your personal development. If you begin regarding the objects you own as more than their practical uses, you are setting yourself up for hurt when you no longer have access to them. What I am getting at here is that, if your happiness and contentedness is dependant on a physical object, you’re risking pain. You should place more importance on the practical usefulness of these objects. Strive to obtain physical assets that are of ‘use’ to you as opposed to symbols of wealth and status.

When we are talking about the development of your material assets, we are typically talking about the objects that are of practical use to you. You should not place emphasis on obtaining objects that are symbols of wealth (unless of course, they are useful) but objects of use.


This arena of development is the most important and also the most complex. Although, it is very easy to make great strides in development. I personally have gained massive growth in this arena this past year and maintaining it at a rapid pace as well. The only thing I regret is not doing this earlier in my life.

Alas, the three main sub-areas in the mental realm, are education, emotional stability and the foundations for your values & belief systems. All three of these things are intrinsically linked, progress in one area influences the others. Your values and belief systems can be shaped depending on the type of education and what you educated in, which flows on to how you emotionally react to an external stimulus that can challenge or agree with your view etc.

Firstly education, the foundation of all mental academic pursuit, the foundry from which your personal good ideas & edgy opinions are birthed. Each and every day should be regarded as a learning opportunity, from forming opinions on observations of the world to setting some time aside each day to read up or educate yourself on a topic. For when you make a decision, an objection or an opinion, you never want to be half-cocked and pull the trigger. You need to know all the facts because you are not an idiot who has half-baked opinions (well aware this whole blog is being judged as a half-baked opinion), you are an educated man, who can back himself up with the theory and knowledge!

Rule 10 of Jordan Peterson’s book ‘12 Rules of Life’, ‘Be precise in your speech’. This rule speaks about the fact you can’t truly convey meaning and message if you are not precise about what you are talking about. And you cannot be precise without having the knowledge of what you want to say.

Rule 10 of Jordan Peterson’s book ‘12 Rules of Life’, ‘Be precise in your speech’

This brings us around to the next topic, Emotional Stability. I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of emotional psychology so I will be brief. Essentially you want to react to stuff in a predictable rational way, anything other than takes away from the credibility of your actions. Never overreact! Overreacting demonstrates a lack of control over yourself, and this is not becoming or expected traits from a man.

The first step to development within this domain is learning and understanding your own emotional reactions. The next is understanding the triggers, and finally being able to act quickly enough to control the outward expression of your emotional reaction. Continual practice at this will make you a well rounded and in control being.

Lastly, Values & Belief systems. This covers a broad range of things from political ideologies you support to moral standpoints and views you take on social issues. But they are developed and shaped by your education, culturally and academically and tempered by your emotions. Value & belief systems are critical in your development, they shape how you will perceive the world, how you prioritise your life and give justification and cause for any action you undertake. We will expand on this further when we delve into the practical application of value and belief systems in the next article, covering the last two arenas of development, Mindset and Relationships. But for now, understanding how they are formed and what influences them is most relevant when we talk about development in the mental arena.

That’s it for now, we will progress onto Mindset and Relationships in an upcoming article.

I hope this provides an insight into what we mean by development and growth.

Till next time.


Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher and possibly the first psychologist


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