Nice Guys Get No Respect

It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book “nice guys finish last”. But why? What makes nice guys finish last?

Typically the “nice guy” is the one women tend to reject, these are the pleasers, the ones that are too far into the oneitis mentality (you should know by now that “the one” does not exist). The Beta guy that sticks around tending to the girls every request like a puppy, just hoping to get her, to please her enough that she will fall head over heels madly in love with him. So what is the problem with the nice guy?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a nice guy, i’m talking about the ones that are too nice. The problem is the nice guy is too weak, he shows classic Beta traits (if you have read The Male Dominance Heirarchy article it outlines a few of these traits).

This nice guy persona won’t only restrict you with women, but also in life, at work with peers and superiors, with friends and even with family. We have all fallen for the mate, family member or coworker asking a favour, small at first but over time the level of favours will increase. Starting off with something simple, inevitably leading to something not so simple, people will always test just how much they can get out of you, the ones who push this limit are usually the ones that show little to no reciprocation.

The problem is, the nice guy is too weak, fearful or afraid to really be himself around other people. The nice guy believes that by being an inauthentic ass kisser, the women he desires will find him attractive, his collegues and bosses will like or even respect him more. They are terrified of standing up to these people because they are so worried about whether or not they will like him. Nice guys and pleasers are so busy trying to be something they are not so they will be accepted by others, that they have absolutely no idea what it feels like or how to act around women they have interest in.

The one in the relationship who cares the least holds the most power. Not concerning yourself with whether or not she likes you as much as you like her, even if you do really really like this girl, never show her just how much you like her. As soon as she knows just how much you like her, the relationship dynamic changes, it shifts to her, she will become the one who holds the power. The more time you spend talking to or chasing women who are uninterested, unavailable or a bad match, the less time you will spend getting your brains fucked out by a goddess.

Since nice guys and pleasers spend most of their time acting like a puppy dog, heavily panting for something they really want to get a taste of (usually the one thing a woman has that can turn men into a mindless zombie), around women instead of a man who is a catch, they get taken advantage of constantly. Grow some balls and stand up for yourself. Women know that if they are with a man who will not stand up for himself, he certainly will never stand up for her physically or emotionally. Women will love a nice guy or a pleaser as a friend or a male girlfriend, but never as a lover.

Women, other men, the people you work with, family members will constantly test you for weaknesses, for your strengths, these tests will show just how much they will be able to use you for their own selfish desires.

When a man compromises his integrity or his personality, it causes these people to not trust his masculine core, or him.

Nice Guys Get No Respect.


2 thoughts on “Nice Guys Get No Respect

  1. Hey there,

    So glad that there are some folks who also try to think of masculinity in a different way than the women-magazine-for-men crowd. I write a political blog about Germany and Europe, and somehow I keep returning to the point of emasculation again and again. While Western men work like slaves, immigrant alphas are brought in for the actual procreation. It has so many facets. At the moment I do the topic a bit too much myself – because one would expect ot keep the focus on laws, finances and acting politicians – but I might reblog posts of yours in the future. If I do so, I would ask you in advance and wait for your answer individually. Keep your work up!


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