9 Signs your Girlfriend is cheating

There are many tell-tell signs that your woman is either cheating on you or looking to cheat. Most of the time women will not breakup with you. They will look for another branch to swing to before they end a relationship. So here are some simple warning signs:

1. She no longer cares about what you do

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. If she doesn’t care about what you are doing then she does not care about you. At a minimum women should be curious about what their guys are getting up to (is there a possibility of him cheating on me?). If she doesn’t care about you cheating then your relationship is already over.  

2. She goes on girls nights out frequently

Girls nights out are not quite what most men think it is. Women go out to seek male validation in the form of attention. There is also the added bonus of fucking another guy she meets out while drinking with her single friends. We all know that bars and clubs are mating grounds. Look at all the single women in your life and how often they go out drinking. Once they get into a relationship you will see the drinking curtail massively. 

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3. Your Gut tells you there’s something wrong

We have a powerful subconscious. Its great at detecting if something is wrong even if we quite put our finger on it. If her actions are filling you with dread then pay attention to what shes doing. 

4. She’s buying a new wardrobe and getting in shape

This is more so in isolation. If she starts to exercise out of blue and buying brand new clothes its a good sign that she is becoming more attractive to look for a new potential mate. She is increasing her potential value. 


5. She is always on her phone

Firstly by doing this she is communicating to you that your time is not valuable enough to warrant any of her time what so ever. Secondly, well it’s obvious she is talking to new guys or old boy friends. 

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(hint: Ask to see her phone, her reaction will tell you what you need to know.)

6. She starts adding a lot selfies on Social media

We all know that social media is porn to women. They crave the constant validation but when she starts to put on constant selfies she is advertising herself. The guys she has on social media will see her and start to get in contact (she hopes). 

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7. She complains about everything you do

A women will do a lot for a man she cares about but if she is not into him then the smallest annoyance will be met with a over the top response. Women will crawl under barbed wire and walk 20 miles just to fuck a guy they want to fuck. If your women is bitching to you about squeezing the tooth paste tube a certain way then you are in trouble. 

8. Sex has tailed off

She no longer cares about your needs. If the only sex your having is transactional (she will give you star fish sex once a fortnight for being a good husband) then your in trouble. You have failed to communicate to her that you have other options should your current relationship go awry. Your woman needs to know that if she doesn’t fulfill your needs then you will find someone else that does. 

9. She calls you bossy when you ask wheres she been or where shes going

This is a classic Machiavellian switch, its meant in a way that makes you look like the bad guy. Calling you bossy or a controlling boyfriend immediately causes a distraction from the real point, her going behind your back! If she has nothing to hide then she will tell you where shes going.

A single one of these points doesn’t necessarily mean that she is cheating but if you go through this list and your ticking most of these boxes then watch out friend, your misses is about to cheat. Here are some reasons why she is looking elsewhere: 

Why is she stepping out of the relationship?

  • You became complacent (You toke your life for granted and have started to let things slip. Being a man is a constant battle of self overcoming. There is only moving forwards, as soon as you stand still you fall backwards). 
  • You gave up all your authority to her (You let her make all the decisions. Women want to be led, if they have to make all the decisions then she’ll start looking for a man that will lead the way). 
  • You put on weight  – (You lost market value. Now shes sees herself as better than you and is disgusted about what you have become).
  • You didn’t have a plan (Women want a man who knows where he’s going).
  • You put her on the Pedestal and made your life about her (demonstrates a  lack of value in yourself). 
  • There was an alpha at work. Women today work in offices with other men. Some of those guys are going to be very high value (very competitive, assertive, successful). They going to make your GF wet, that can’t be helped. If they end up in a situation that they could cheat (Work outing with drinks, business trip away) then that is setting you up for failure.

As for practical tips to sustain all relationships:

  • Stay in shape! (a six pack is killer weapon) 
  • Have a mission or other goals not associated with her 
  • Learn game and use it on her
  • Don’t give away your authority 
  • Don’t be predictable 
  • Make yourself the mental point of origin – it’s all about you and what you want.


Don’t try to preserve a shitty relationship, if thing arn’t working out then say good bye. Your life will be much better.

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